Friend of the Family 20 in 10

Friend of the Family
20 in 10 Church Challenge

Family Promise of Effingham is celebrating its first birthday. After a long time in the planning stages, Family Promise began serving families in June 2014. The network of congregations is the back bone of family promise. It takes a lot of meals, a lot of volunteers, many nights in safe, clean facilities to help a family move from homelessness to stability. Making such a profound impact in the lives of families also requires financial support for hours of case management, transportation, and maintaining the day center for families to shower, do laundry, and search for work. So, Family Promise of Effingham is inviting its closest friends to be true Friends of the Family by giving as many $20 donations as possible in the next 10 weeks.  Homelessness seems like such a big problem that it’s easy to think we can’t do
anything that makes a difference. Family Promise shows us that by working together in small ways we can make a dramatic difference in the lives of families. Our Vacation Bible School got us off to a great start by choosing Family Promise as its mission focus. In the next few weeks, please prayerfully consider if your family can make a $20 donation or maybe if each member of your family can donate $20. Can your Sunday School class give $20 to support children and families? If we work together, I wonder how many $20 gifts we can make? 25? 50? 100? More? God has been at work in amazing ways both great and small in the development and birth of Family Promise. I can’t wait to see what God will do with everyone working together. Will you be a Friend of the Family?

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Melissa

Week 6 Update

So far we have received 41 $20 gifts from individuals, families and groups.  Four more weeks remain in the Challenge!!

Will YOU be a friend of the family??

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