The Joy of Enough


The Joy of Enough

When the people of God wandered in the desert for 40 years, God supplied them manna to eat each day. God instructed the people to gather just enough manna each morning for their families for that day. We know that manna was a miraculous food in that it just appeared in the wilderness each morning. But manna is special in another way that we sometimes forget. If someone gathered a lot of manna, trying to ensure his family had food for the week or just a little extra, when he measured it at the end he had just enough for that day. If someone gathered too little, when she measured it she had just enough for the day. In addition, you couldn’t eat less to save some for the next day because overnight manna spoiled. God used the manna to teach the people two important lessons. One is to be content with having enough because that is really what you need. The other is to trust God with tomorrow.

We live in a country of abundance. Yet, many of us also spend a good deal of our time worrying about money and wondering if we have enough. We also have a hard time knowing what enough is and living in contentment and peace.

In October, we are going to study Adam Hamilton’s “Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity” together as a congregation. More than a stewardship campaign, we will learn about how we handle all of our money and all of our stuff. We’ll study the Bible’s guidance that helps us move from lives characterized by stress and worry to lives filled with joy. We’ll examine how we set priorities. This month is an opportunity to grow as people of contentment and generosity.

“Enough” will be the focus of worship each week in October. We’ll talk with each other in small groups on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. You are invited to read the book for yourself. Books are $10 each. You may order your copy by e-mail ([email protected]) or by calling the church office (826-5796) by September 15.

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